Go to pretty much any playground or scrimmage and ask “who is the best point guard in the NBA?” and most will say Chris Paul. But a new survey of NBA general managers shows half of them naming Deron Williams as top dog.

Team bosses are also full of praise for high-scoring star Kevin Durant. After guiding Team USA to gold at the World Championship in Turkey this summer, most GMs named him as the player they’d chose to build a franchise around. He’s also favourite to win this year’s MVP award.

A list of some of the questions and responses can be found below. Have a look, and let us know what your answers would be.

Who is the best point guard in the NBA?
1. Deron Williams, Utah 50.0%
2. Chris Paul, New Orleans 35.7%
3. Steve Nash, Phoenix 10.7%
4. Chauncey Billups, Denver 3.6%
Last year: Chris Paul 77.8%
Who will win the 2010-11 MVP?
1. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City 66.7%
2. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers 25.9%
Also receiving votes:
Dwight Howard, Orlando; LeBron James, Miami
Last year: LeBron James
If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the NBA, who would it be?
1. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City 55.6%
2. LeBron James, Miami 25.9%
3. Kobe Bryant, Lakers; Dwight Howard, Magic 7.4%
5. Dwyane Wade, Miami 3.7%
Last year: LeBron James 78.6%
Which player forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments?
1. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers 35.7%
2. LeBron James, Miami 28.6%
3. Dwight Howard, Orlando 17.9%
4. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City 10.7%
Also receiving votes:
Chris Paul, New Orleans; Dwyane Wade, Miami
Last year: LeBron James 39.3%
Which player is most likely to have a breakout season in 2010-11?
1. Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers;
Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City
3. Derrick Rose, Chicago 11.1%
4. Darren Collison, Indiana; Jrue Holiday, Philadelphia;
JaVale McGee, Washington
Last year: Kevin Durant 25.9%
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