In his first diary entry, new MVP blogger, Ladi Brown talks about his move to the infamous Brixton Topcats, the upcoming ‘grudge match’ against his former team and why he’s so far unimpressed by Miami’s Big 3.

What’s up everyone – welcome to my blog here on MVP.

Well, the season is underway, and so far it’s been pretty successful for me and my new Brixton team. We’re through to the quarter finals of the National Cup, and one game away from the Trophy quarter finals. Meanwhile, in the league, we’re 3-1. As far as I’m concerned, we should be 4-0…but lost on the buzzer to London Leopards. It was a tough L to deal with, but we’ve moved on (after lots of extra sprints in practice to help us learn a lesson!)

Personally, I’m enjoying a good statistical year, with improved percentages across the board – most notably in my free-throw shooting. Last year I shot a terrible 57% (mental block!!) whereas this year I’m 81% from the line (putting me in the top 5 free-throw shooters in Division 1). Being consistent from the line helps guarantee automatic minutes down the stretch…so practice your free throws!!

My new team-mates have made it a smooth transition for me – but there are still rookie responsibilities such as washing the team kit (see below!) and wearing the “Rookie T-shirt”! But they’ve been great with the important things such as helping me to learn the offenses and getting to grips with my role within the team. I’ve known most of the guys for years – playing against them at different levels. That’s been a real help too…it’s certainly a lot easier than it would have been coming into a team as a complete stranger.

Laundry longness! A 'perk' of being the new guy on the team.

This week will been an important one as we have three games – none bigger than my “return” to my previous club, Leeds Carnegie, for the first time. I spent most of my career to date there, and had a great time. But I left on not exactly brilliant terms with the coaching staff. As a result, I think I’ll get a mixed reception. I assume it’s never a happy thing when a player suits up against their old team…but plenty of others up there are happy for me, so I’ll let you know how loud the boos are!

Like every other baller, I’ve been keeping an eye on the NBA. To be honest, the power trio of LBJ, D-Wade and CB4 just isn’t as exciting as I was expecting. I am not seeing that team chemistry. Lebron and Wade are playing point more than any actual PG on the team…and at times it just looks slightly forced in terms of shot selection (unless in transition). Without a half-court game, you won’t make it to the finals and you definitely aren’t winning a chip.

I’m sure what am about to discuss will be in every blog everywhere…but Modern Warfare 2 is now the equivalent of breathing in my life! I waited to get my copy from Tesco as they sometimes do deals…not this time though! Even so, I still reckon it’s the best £40 I’ve spent in 2010. Anyone agree?

Anyone got any good songs for my iPod? My warm-up music needs help!

Ladi Brown is a 6′ 4″ guard / small forward, born of the legendary Hackney White Heat junior set-up. Now playing for the equally legendary Brixton Topcats, the 2009 EBL Patron’s Cup MVP says “energy” is the single word which best sums up his game – and his high-flying offensive abilities have earned him the nicknames “MaDunks” and “Buckets Brown”.

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