Guildford Heat have been saved from closure after a fan-led campaign to raise the funds to keep it going.

And it has been confirmed that the Surrey franchise has been taken over by local businesswomen – and long-term fan – Alison Reeve.

The Heat had been put up for sale by existing owner Alan McClafferty last month after he revealed that a shortfall in income had made the team expendable.

The price? £1. And although it has not been confirmed what Reeve has paid, she is understood to have invested £25,000 of her own into the Heat, which have now been put back on a solid footing after it was revealed on Sunday that the drive for cash had raised £25,210.

Reeve was introduced to the crowd at Sunday’s game against Milton Keynes Lions which Guildford lost.

“We knew it was always going to be tough and we’d have to do our part,” said supporters club spokesperson, Peter Bowyer.

“She’s a fan of the club. She knows what the club means to everybody, how it works and what it is in the community. We just have to hope we get more funding, some of the government grants maybe come back, more sponsors. And hopefully she won’t have to fiund the club as much as Alan did and run it as a business.

“Hopefully she’s got her budgets set at what she can put into the club. But the fans don’t want this to be another wealthy rich person coming into lose their money  in the basketball club. That’s the worst thing they could do.”

The tie saw 22-year-old London-born point guard Andre Baptiste make his home debut after joining from Spanish side Villamurial.

“He’s worked with some of the best: Jimmy Rogers at the Brixton Academy, playing high school basketball in the US and then last year at the Gran Canaria basketball,” said Heat coach Creon Raftopolous.

“He’s been playing with the Spanish side, Villamurial, but after talking to them, they were happy to release him so that he could come to play for the Heat. It’s a big opportunity for him and I’m delighted to have him on the team.

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