It’s Decision Day. Great Britain have learnt they will get an automatic berth at the 2012 Olympics. FIBA said Yes. We’re in Lyon with all the news.

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1745 The Central Board, pictured above, have met. The decision is made. And it's a yes, albeit with strings attached. Full details here or watch our exclusive video report here.

Elsewhere, Turkey has beaten out Australia to host the 2014 World Championship for Women. Lithuania and the Netherlands were selected as hosts of the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championships for Men and Women respectively.

1715 Latest is that the giant GB signed jersey has belatedly arrived in Lyon. Too late to make an impact, perhaps, but we might all be wearing it out tonight if it keeps raining. Either that or on one of the local statues is getting a makeover. Now likely to be an announcement about 1815GMT. The Turks are looking nervous in the lobby – smart money on Australia getting the 2014 women's world championships.

1630 Bill McInnes is out of his presentation to FIBA's board. No exact details but happy with his presentations – questions asked about the legacy.

1515 We're told Pops Mensah Bonsu had lunch with the delegates on the eighth floor of the hotel in his role as unofficial bid ambassador.

1500 There's no much happening folks. I wish we could tell you that we're seeing brown envelopes passed under tables or such like. But the wait continues.

1445 In news elsewhere, Great Britain's pre-Eurobasket trip to Brazil could be off. Word is that an additional pair of friendlies in Argentina are under threat due to a change of dates which might require a Plan B for Chris Finch's squad.

By the way, we'll also be direct to a live stream once we know when the press conference is on.

1430 Getting a bit nervous in the Sofitel here. We're not sure of what time the announcement will – fluctuating between 4-6pm in the UK, so stay tuned. It's also raining outside. And the risotto for lunch was delightful.

Kieron Achara’s told us what he thinks the legacy of the Olympics would be – right across the country.

He said: “Participating in the Olympics could encourage or inspire kids to get into basketball or motivate them to become better players. I believe kids from Scotland, if granted similar opportunities as me with use of facilities and similar medical attention, could be just as successful as I have been.”

1330 I can now report that Nar Zanolin, the FIBA Europe secretary-general, has said Yes. Not sure what to, but he was going "si, si, si" while speaking in Italian on his mobile.

1115 Chris Spice has been on Radio 5 Live's Sportsweek – and was asked what would happen if the vote was no.

“It would be nothing short of catastrophic for us … if we’re not here at the shop window in our own country, you can basically write us off.”

Patrick Baumann, on the same programme, says a host spot "makes sense" and that "we'd love to see them there." But that GB's lack of past participation hasn't been impressive. He is hinting that the presentation this afternoon must make a case for the women being competitive and that Britain "wants to be a powerful member of the basketball family." Intriguingly, he does state that in talking with his fellow board members, the feeling would be that they are happy to let GB play but with some assurances required.

1100 Bill McInnes, who'll be presenting Britain's case around 4pm here, says there will be a positive legacy with a Games spot. Here's what he's said in an interview today.

One bad portent so far: GB performance director Chris Spice has missed his flight to Lyon. He'll arrive later.

1045 GB forward Robert Archibald, whose father Bobby was part of the team which didn't qualify for the 1984 Olympics, admits he’d be devastated if today's result ends in a no-go.

“It’s the biggest incentive of them all, going to an Olympics," he said. "It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. For some of the older guys, we couldn’t have imagined it happening at the start of our careers. So for it to be so close, it’s exciting. Hopefully, it comes to fruition.

“London opens the door for us to compete at a higher level and to be in the mix to play against the best teams and in the best tournaments. It’s something which is only going to help us grow.”

Ex-England cap John Amaechi believes the state of grassroots development in the UK means it would be little surprise if the vote went against GB.

He told PA Sport: "This is not going to help my reputation – which is mud within basketball. It has been a remarkable piece of progress for this team. They have competed better than anyone would have imagined. But the truth is, the Great Britain basketball team is a damselfly right now. It's got wings for only so long and then it is going to pop its clogs.”

1030 Pops Mensah Bonsu is here lobbying FIBA today. He told the Daily Telegraph: 

“I’m heading straight down to the FIBA hotel on Sunday morning to join up with the British delegation and argue our case until I’m hoarse. And it’s an easy case to argue. We have gone from being nonentities in 2005 to being a team which other big sides now worry about…" 

1000 Welcome to Lyon where FIBA’s Central Board is meeting at the Sofitel over two days. In the old days, you might have said these were smoke filled rooms. Not any more. But there is plenty of debate going on.

There are two major decisions to be made among the 22-person electorate. GB’s Olympic place is one with the board also being asked to endorse the legacy plan which has been submitted in order to alleviate concerns about the future of the game in the UK.

The host for the 2014 women’s world championship will be also chosen, which is a straight fight between Australia and Turkey. There is also a side issue here over whether the tournament should be moved out of summer or even become a bi-ennial event.

We'll also find out who is hosting the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship for Men – where Lithuania is the only bidder – and Women – where the Central Board will decide between the Netherlands and Romania.

Also up for discussion during the two-day meeting is a proposed road map for the development of 3on3 basketball. This will include plans for the development of top-level competition, an individual ranking system and ambitions for the new format to receive Olympic status, being included as a demonstration sport as early as 2016.

We’re expecting a press conference about 5pm UK time with details of all of the above.

Here's what Patrick Baumann had to say on the process when we spoke to him last month.

0700 British Basketball’s finest are off to France on an early flight from Heathrow, a hunting party which includes BBF chairman Bill McInnes – who will make the keynote pitch – along with performance chief, Chris Spice, and Great Britain women’s star Jo Leedham. The prize? A one-way ticket to Stratford.

Across town, the media core, yours truly included, have been handed an early-wake-up call to fly from Gatwick. It’s the biggest day in British basketball history (according to Patrick Baumann).

Stay with us – or post your comments below.

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