In a refreshing moment of honesty from an NBA player, James Harden has admitted that, sometimes, his D sucks.

The bearded wonder became the subject of much mockery this year, after this hilariously titled “James Harden, Defensive Juggernaut” clip was posted on YouTube.

We here at MVP even witnessed him get dissed to his face outside a club in Barcelona during the Basketball World Cup, by a guy who told him: “James, play some D, yeah?!”

But when asked about his poor defensive efforts at a Rockets media day, the shooting guard (who makes $15m a year) quite honestly replied: “Obviously at times, you know, my defence is pretty bad…but that category, I know I have to be better at.”

He went on to add that it’s a lack of focus, rather than a lack of defensive ability, that’s the problem – and insisted that it can be “easily corrected”.

We’ll see!

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