Ex-London and Sheffield guard Nick Lewis has revealed he’s ready to hit the court again – but with another target running in parallel.

It’s first stop to the EIS for the Great Britain Under-20 cap later this month – not to re-join the Sharks but to run a camp that signals the arrival of his mentoring programme into the UK.

The Ontario-based guard used his time off to launch the ‘Make It Work’ organization to, in his words, “give youth chances in life through the guidance of those who have faced similar circumstances”.

The scheme is already up and running in Toronto and the Bahamas with Lewis tapping his network of basketballers, boxers, swimmers and athletes to lend a hand.

“I wasn’t given too many opportunities growing up, but I was able to make my own opportunities through my own efforts,” he said. I want to be able to give kids an opportunity to gain a new experience that can potentially change their future. It all starts with the youth – the youth will always be our future.

“The goal is to inspire the younger generation by giving them exposure to relatable professionals, and equipping them with tools to set and reach their own goals.

“The mentorship programme is very meaningful to me because I structured it based off of my own experiences. Growing up as a kid, I definitely didn’t have some of the resources and people around me that I now have today. If I did, I probably would have made better decisions and avoided some of the adversity I had to go through, both in my personal life and my professional career. I created this mentorship programme because all it takes is one positive moment to change a kids life and perspective.”

Sheffield is the venue for his camp that is taking place on Saturday September 30, on key basketball skills with a mentorship session.

But even though he intends to sit out this season, Lewis insists he’s not done with his playing career.

“I have decided to take this year off to grow my business. But I also have re-dedicated myself to the game of basketball. Instead of signing to play for a team this year, I have decided to work with professional trainers to work on my game and body and be in top form for the 2018-2019 season.”

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