Ashley Hamilton believes he can be the glue that binds the all-new London City Royals together.

The forward, who is expected to miss the start of the BBL campaign, is one of several leading Brits attracted to the start-up franchise based in south London.

Junior Williams’ side – including trial lists Kyle Carey and Mac Grayson, have headed overseas for pre-season – and beat Partizan Belgrade’s second stringers 84-61 in a midweek friendly to record the club’s first-ever victory.

But Hamilton is confident his return from his spending last term in Spain will be rewarding.

“I started playing at Crystal Palace when I was young, when I was 16 – to get the chance to come back 12 years later, at home in London in front of my friends and family, well, it’s going to be a good year,” he said.

“I’m an energetic player. I’m 29 now so I’m experienced, my IQ is up as well as my skill level, I’m a leader, I’m an aggressive defender – whatever the team calls for I’m out here to win.

“We have a great collection of players so far, there’s going to be more coming in, I just need to be that glue so we can take it to the next level.”

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