Rose Anderson held court all summer as Great Britain’s sixth woman, putting herself in the spotlight for pro scouts around Europe. But for the next several months, she’s putting ballin’ on the back burner – and picking up an oar instead.

After using up her eligibility after four years at Central Oklahoma University, the ex-Edinburgh Kool Kat is keeping her scholarship by competing in rowing until she finishes off her degree. “It’s full on,” she admits. It’s also a different world. “Rowing’s a posh sport back home isnt it?” she laughs. “I’ve always wanted to be posh.”

The serious picture is the education which, without the backing of the college, would cost several thousand pounds. By competing on the rowing team, Anderson gets her tuition paid for as she earns the last few credits needed to graduate.

However, her new sport has also proved a learning experience.

“I had my first race last year in Philadelphia and it was sponsored by a financial company from Aberdeen,” she recalls.

“There were a few Scottish guys there. But it’s a good sport to build me up. But when I finish off graduating in May, I’ll look to join a basketball team in Europe and get my professional career going.”

But there’s no danger that Rose is going to ditch hoops for the water, even if hooking onto a club in the main leagues in France, Spain or Italy won’t make her rich. “It will get me some money,” she added.

“It won’t be like sitting in an office. It’s something I enjoy and love. I want to prosper in it as long as possible.”

Until then, the Scot is maintaining her basketball fitness by scrimmaging with OCU’s team as well as earning match practice with a local club side.

Don’t worry, she proclaims. She will be ready for a full-time return to the court when the serious business resumes next summer.

Which means a run at Eurobasket 2011. Or, if you prefer, making a splash.

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