Andrew Bridge has hailed Newcastle Eagles comeback against Glasgow as one of the key points of the season but he doesn’t believe the title race is done and dusted.

The Tyneside outfit overcame a 16-point deficit – and the challenge of having just seven fit players – down to overcome their rivals 77-76 on Sunday to move two points clear in the British Basketball League as the campaign enters its home straight.

With the champions looking to re-group, they can at least count on a two-week hiatus following next weekend with hopes high that Fab Flournoy might be able to return in a coaching capacity at the beginning of March.

It’s been a tough week, admits Bridge, who is now awaiting word on who might replace the injured Joe Chapman. But he says Newcastle will take immense heart from their Kelvin Hall miracle against Sterling Davis’ in-form side.

Trey Moore sparked Newcastle's comeback

“In the first half, we were tired, we were in foul trouble and think everyone was trying pace themselves because we’re a few players down,” the England international said. “But at half-time we knew we had nothing to lose and we just seemed to crank the energy up.

“And then we started to get on a roll and if you look at what we’ve come through over the past few weeks, we know how strong we are. It’s a great win because the Rocks are a great team. I’m a big admirer of what Sterling does because it reminds me of what Fab has done. But I’m glad we won.”

The victory might yet leave a huge mental on the Rocks with several players burying their heads under their towels as they contemplated a chance wasted.

Don’t count Glasgow out just yet, Bridge warned.

“I don’t think it’s close to being over,” he declared. “They’ll be there at the end. We have that experience so we know just how hard it is to win five, six, seven games in a row.

“Glasgow will go back to the drawing board now and come out stronger when they play Mersey next weekend.”

With the Tigers still very much in contention, the stage is set for a thrilling three-way run-in. The value of Newcastle’s past experience should not be under-estimated, says their captain. And they are not ready to give up their crown without a scrap.

“It’s hard being at the top. People often criticise the level of the BBL at the moment. They say there’s not the quality there use to be.

“But there are still great players like Trey Moore and a whole bunch of great British players who are making a difference on every team. Fundamentally, it’s still as tough as ever to win.”

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