The BBL's All Star Game used to be the gathering place to celebrate the best of the league. No more. The initial line-ups for Saturday's showcase between a Great Britain team and the Rest of the World in Birmingham have been decimated by player unavailability, and a lack of backing, forcing several unexpected inclusions.

Who would have imagined 40-something pair Tony Windless and Robert Youngblood to be extending their season with one last stellar appearance? Or Jamell Anderson to be given the nod? Among the initial squads listed for the curtain-raiser for the play-off final, only Mike Martin and Matt Schneck would have been certain inclusions in any pick of the BBL's best 20 performers this season.

MVP understands that at least one club, Glasgow Rocks, declined to send a representative while Leicester have seven players scheduled to appear.

Since the All Star Game returned from a hiatus and moved from mid-season to the end of year, teams now must pay the costs for their players to attend. And with many import recruits already departed from the UK, there is little left to choose from. 

Great Britain Rest of the World

Steven Gayle (Cheshire)

Liam Potter (Leicester)

Barry Lamble (Leicester)

Anthony Rowe (Plymouth)

Mike Martin (Guildford)

Tayo Ogedegebe (Guildford)

Julius Joseph (Guildford)

Colin Sing (Essex)

Jamell Anderson (Essex)

Zach Gachette (Essex)

Marlin Capers (Worthing)

Matt Schneck (Cheshire)

Joe Harris (Leicester)

Ryan Zamroz (Leicester)

Frank Holmes (Leicester)

Tomas Janusauskas (Guildford)

Tony Windless (Leicester)

Robert Youngblood (Leicester)

Photo: Ville @ Basketviews

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