Spain’s leading clubs have launched a bid to take control of the ACB in a move which, they claim, would bring about a much-needed shake-up.

Representatives of 12 teams met in Barcelona on Friday to push forward their proposals in a direct challenge to the league’s current president, Eduardo Portela.

The group, comprising Valladolid, Valencia, San Sebastián, Bilbao, Baskonia, Málaga, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manresa, Gran Canaria, Menorca, Zaragoza and Estudiantes, held talks with Portela earlier this week to demand a limit on his powers and a change to the decision-making process which is currently overseen by an annual Assembly.

Following the meeting, and further debate, the rebels have now called on the league chief to resign and set the wheels in motion for an internal battle for supremacy.

The ACB is widely considered Europe’s most successful league. However, in a statement, the rebels declared that their objective was to secure an overhaul to “go forward into the future with greater economic and social stability.

It is understood that the six existing ACB clubs who were not invited to the meeting opted out.

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