LeBron James has agreed to play Stuart Tanner in a one-on-one at next summer’s Olympics.

The Miami Heat superstar was attending a Nike London School of Basketball event at Crystal Palace on Sunday when the challenge was put to him by the Brit who became an overnight sensation in 2008 when he beat Devin Harris in a one-on-one.

Smiling, James said he’d indeed seen the video of that event – but warned Tanner to “start training” ahead of the 2012 match up.

“I’m not motivated to play in the national league over here or whatever,” Tanner told MVP. “But the prospect of playing LeBron James in a one-on-one definitely motivates me to start training.

“Do I think I can do to him what I did to Devin Harris? I dunno. It depends a lot on how he defends me!

“I will say this though – I’ve heard so many people say so many things about LeBron James…but from the moment I walked into the room to the moment I left, I thought he was a genuinely nice guy. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna take it easy on him next summer!”

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