Durham Wildcats coach Dave Elderkin will review his recruitment policy for next season after the rookies won only three games in their debut British Basketball League campaign.

However the veteran, who led the club’s rapid rise through the EBL into the top flight, says there are no regrets. “This is where we want to be,” he insisted.

The Wildcats, in tandem with the city’s university, have based their personnel around bringing in Americans who want to study post-graduate courses while playing in the BBL.

The results, Elderkin concedes, have been mixed. And with most on one-year stints in the UK, it is an approach will now undergo some revision after taking heed of similar schemes elsewhere.

“They says the best time to analyse a game is 24 hours after,” he said.

“Analysing the season takes a lot longer. Being a student team, we’ll expect a fairly high turnover. It’s all about recruiting. How do we adjust our model to make it work for what we’re going to bring in?

“Worcester entered the league six years ahead of us and Plymouth seven years ahead. We don’t think we’re seven years behind them but we have looked very carefully at the Worcester model. And that’s based on players doing their courses overt a longer period of time.

“That’s something Durham’s got to look at very carefully.”

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