The full basketball schedule for London 2012 has been confirmed – and it will allow Great Britain’s women to march in the opening ceremony.

British Basketball officials had previously confirmed to MVP that they were lobbying for an evening slot to allow the team to participate in the traditional curtain raiser on the previous day, when the flame will be lit at the main stadium in Stratford.

And Tom Maher’s side will begin their challenge with a late night game against Australia on July 28.

There were no such worries for Chris Finch’s men’s side who will begin their quest on July 29 against one of the qualifiers, hours after the USA have opened up against France.

Luol Deng and Co will get their eagerly anticipated reunion with Spain four days later, finishing up their first round against Bob Donewald’s China.

Debbie Jevans, Director of Sport at LOCOG said: “The Olympic Basketball tournament is sure to be one of the big hits of the summer with some of the biggest basketball stars in the world coming to London to compete for Gold. With the competition schedule now confirmed, teams and fans alike can start to get ready for the exciting encounters, world-class players and top teams we’ll see in action this summer.”

The preliminary round takes place at the temporary Basketball Arena.



Spain and GB will reunite (Map Photos)

July 29

Group B: GB v B6 qualifier (8pm)

Other Games: A6 v Tunisia (9am), Brazil v Australia (11.15am), USA v France (2.30pm), Spain v China (4.45pm), Argentina v A5 (10.15pm)

July 31

Group B: GB v Brazil (4.45pm)

Other Games: China v B6 (9am), Australia v Spain (11.15am), A5 v A6 (2.30pm), France v Argentina (8pm), Tunisia v USA (10.15pm)

August 2

Group B: GB v Spain (8pm)

Other Games: France v A5 (9am), Australia v China (11.15am), Argentina v Tunisia (2.30pm), Brazil v B6 (4.45pm), USA v A6 (10.15pm)

August 4

Group B: GB v Australia (8pm)

Other Games: Tunisia v France (9am), B6 v Spain (11.15am), A5 v USA (2.30pm), China v Brazil (4.45pm), A6 v Argentina (10.15pm)

August 6

Group B: GB v China (4.45pm)

Other Games: Australia v B6 (9am), Tunisia v A5 (11.15am), A6 v France (2.30pm), Spain v Brazil (8pm), USA v Argentina (10.15pm)



July 28

Group B: GB v Australia (10.15pm)

Nat Stafford will square off against Russia again (Map)

Other Games: China v A4 (9am), B5 v Russia (11.15am), A6 v Angola (2.30pm), USA v A5 (4.45pm), Brazil v B6 (8pm)

July 30

Group B: GB v Qualifier (8pm)

Other Games: A5 v China (9am), A4 v A6 (11.15am), B6 v Australia (2.30pm), Brazil v Russia (4.45pm), Angola v USA (10.15pm)

August 1

Group B: GB v Russia (4.45pm)

Other Games: B5 v B6 (9am), China v Angola (11.15am), Australia v Brazil (2.30pm), A5 v A4 (4.45pm), USA v A6 (10.15pm)

August 3

Group B: GB v Qualifier B6 (8pm)

Other Games: Angola v A5 (9am), Russia v Australia (11.15am), Brazil v B5 (2.30pm), A6 v China (4.45pm), A4 v USA (10.15pm)

August 5

Group B: GB v Brazil (10.15pm)

Other Games: B6 v Russia (9am), Angola v A4 (11.15am), B5 v Australia (2.30pm), China v USA (4.45pm), A5 v A6 (8pm)

(Exact placing of teams from qualifying tournaments to be confirmed)

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