glasgow rocks 568Patrick Manifold returns to the UK in search of silverware with the Glasgow Rocks in what will be his first season as a pro.

He said: “I don’t think it is any secret that the Rocks are chasing silverware. They have been in the hunt consistently, and as a team and an organization we are going to give it everything we have got to bring the city of Glasgow and our loyal fans some well deserved rewards.”

Manifold was lured to Scotland by the ambition of the club and is looking forward to representing ‘the great city of Glasgow’ and playing in the BBL for the first time.

“I spoke with (Sterling) Davis and got a feel for what he expected this season and I was inspired by his vision. It was a relatively quick process and I was excited to get started. I heard nothing but good things about how professional the Rocks organization has been and their winning tradition made Glasgow an easy choice for me.”

Manifold has spent the last four years in America playing college basketball as well as earning a Bachelors degree in Business Management and describes the time as ‘the best experience of my life’ proving hugely beneficial, enabling him to grow as a player and a man.

“I received a first class education from the University of Maine at Presque Isle and was honoured to represent them as team captain. I learned a lot about the game, from both my coaches and my team mates, and I feel that right now I am ready to take my career to the next level.”

In his final year with the University of Maine at Presque Isle Owls, he averaged 17.7 points per game along with 8.9 rebounds to finish in the top 10 in three different categories (Points/Rebounds/FG %) across the USCAA. Manifold became the team captain in his sophomore year and aims to bring his qualities as a leader to Glasgow.

“It was a great honour, and being a captain is not something I take lightly. There is a lot of responsibility and sacrifice that comes with that role, but it was a natural position for me. I have been a captain on every team I have played on since high school, and I get great satisfaction from watching my guys grow from individuals into a real team.

“I think as a leader it is important to motivate your team both vocally and through setting a great example. Being a captain or a leader has become a habit now, and I will bring that same positive energy to Glasgow.”

Having learnt so much from the experience of US college basketball himself, Manifold would encourage aspiring young players to make the move across the Atlantic without undermining the opportunities available in the UK.

“If a young Brit, boy or girl, has a dream to play college ball in the States then they should chase that dream and find out how far basketball can take them.

He added: “Saying that, there are some good opportunities to play over here. I know that when I was at the COWA Fury Academy with Coach James Bamfield I received some great coaching and mentoring, so there are opportunities in the UK, but you have to seize them when they are available, and sometimes that takes sacrifices like moving away from your family, but if you want it enough you will do whatever it takes.

The 26 year-old last played in England back in 2008 for King’s Fury in the EBL for two seasons and admitted to not having a post-gam then something he has worked in over the last 4 years.

“I have become an accomplished low post scorer and much improved rebounder. I think that when you are able to play with your back to the basket, as well as face up and shoot from outside, that creates match-up problems for the opposition.

“It has always been my goal to become a well rounded basketball player that can do it all, so that is one of the reasons I work so hard at what I do. I would have to say that my versatility and my work ethic are my strongest abilities,” he added.

Now he’s back, Manifold wants to start his professional career well and he is confident about the squad he will be playing with this year.

“Coach Davis has done a great job bringing together an exceptional roster of players. We have some guys on this team that are going to be great this season. Our practices are very competitive and we are improving every day.

Manifold is also excited about the addition of BBL TV this season and believes the move is important for the league to gain more respect from the exposure. The 6’7” forward urges all fans to back British Basketball and is looking forward to the personal support he will receive this coming season.

“I am also especially glad that it is available so that my family and friends from all over the UK, America and Canada can watch my games… The Rocks just got a whole now fan base.”

Manifold aims to continue living by his personal mantra of GBED (Get Better Every Day) and wants to focus solely on helping his new side win.

“The better I become, the more I can help the Rocks to win, which really is the highest thing on my priority list. I will give this season my best effort, and I am confident that good things will happen if I give it my all.”

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