BBL LOGO 568Ceslovas Kucinskas has made a big impact for Surrey United since his late arrival and the Lithuanian believes there is enough potential in the team to end their winless rot.

It’s not been easy – with such inexperience around and a lack of momentum.

He said: “It has been very frustrating, (trying) to keep morale high after suffering defeat each week, but I think this team does have potential and we can win games. We have to compete the entire game not just 1 or 2 quarters, and we would have totally different results.”

“We just have to start playing more as a team and play harder. I think once the guys will understand that they have more potential than they think, it will be a totally different ball game.”

Yet he has helped resolve one of Surrey’s weaknesses as his physical presence provides his side with options inside and he’s playing his part, averaging 21.4 ppg and 13.2 rebounds. However, the 6’8″ centre feels he can offer more.

“I think I could give more to the team. After the game, I think a lot about what I should have done and what I shouldn’t. I try to correct my mistakes for the future performances and improve my game.”

The Lithuanian brings much needed experience to a young developing side and Kucinskas feels there is lots to work on.

“As a team, we have a lot to improve on defence and offence.  We struggle with transition defence and as of now we are making way too many turnovers. The season is long and we will keep working on our problems as a team, and hopefully we can show that we can win as well not only lose.”

“It’s hard to keep team motivated, but all we can do is get back onto the basketball court for practice and try to fix mistakes and to prepare for the next game.”

Surrey’s 0-7 record is matched by BBL new-boys Birmingham but the two sides are not currently scheduled to meet until February and Kucinskas doesn’t want to still be waiting for a first win by then.

He said: “I hope not. I think if we work hard as a team we can win against other teams not only just against Birmingham.”

Kucinskas is still adjusting to life in the BBL but feels that the league is still somewhat behind the rest of Europe despite having a bad experience in a 5-month spell in Cyprus.

“I played for NCAA D-1 University and I also played in Cyprus but I didn’t have a good experience over there.  BBL is totally different world basketball wise because NCAA games are faster with more athleticism.

He added: “The BBL has a lot catching up to do in Basketball area, right now the league is a bit behind from rest of Europe.”

Surrey now have a run of games on the road, starting with a double-header against Worcester and Manchester, and they will be hoping their big man can inspire a first victory.

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