Standard Life GB Women v Cuba - 20th May 2011British Basketball is to launch an initial appeal to UK Sport over their decision not to continue investment in the sport’s Olympic programmes.

It is expected that representatives from the performance body will meet with the agency next month to hold talks over their axing of Lottery funding.

With a number of politicians voicing their support, it is expected that an argument will be made that a revision of UK Sport’s medal-first strategy should be made to accommodate team sports.

“Having been assessed by UK Sport as having potential to medal at Tokyo 2020 last year it is difficult to understand exactly what has changed in that time,” said British Basketball chairman Roger Moreland.

“I am also concerned that team and emerging sports are being left high and dry and so it is important that all opportunities to make our case are taken and that is what we will do once again.”

If their initial appeal fails, British Basketball would have the right to make further representations to Sports Resolutions UK. However it is unclear whether the dispute panel would have any leeway to rule against the decision, with its remit normally extending only to whether UK Sport’s own procedures have been followed rather than any moral arguments.

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