new day la clippersLondon Lions owner Vince Macaulay has launched a bid to buy the Los Angeles Clippers, in tandem with a Washington DC-based financier.

Oprah, Magic Johnson and Oscar de la Hoya are among the competition.

It comes two days after current Clips owner Donald Sterling was put on notice that he will have to sell the franchise following the racism comments which earned the punishment of a life ban from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

According to a press release, Macaulay is joining up with DC real estate developer Sherman Ragland, who has petitioned the NBA to sell the l team to their group for an undisclosed sum.
According to Ragland, understood to be Macaulay’s brother-in-law, “Our investment group includes a number of high profile African-Americans who would prefer at this time to not be mentioned by name.”

The duo, who are to seek other investors, have launched a website to underline their bid.

It is not yet known if Chris Paul could be loaned to the Lions as part of any purchase.

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