Day two saw about 30 of us European bloggers and writers taking part in a media game at the World Basketball Festival installation at Port Vell. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty!

That night, a huge party went down on the court…and things got even messier than the media game!

Sunday saw all of the main action going down though.

First up was the “World’s Baddest Pickup Game”. It featured 16 players from all over the world, who’d been selected from 10,000 people who had entered Nike’s “Search For The Baddest” online campaign over the course of the summer.

They were split into two teams, one coached by Anthony Davis and the other by Kyrie Irving.


Representing Great Britain was Joel Henry, who played spectacularly as he helped Team Kyrie to victory after an absolute cracker of a game.

“Playing for Kyrie was and amazing experience”, Henry told MVP. “It felt surreal and was overwhelming. He was calm and great for me, due to the fact that we both share the same killer mentality.

“I remember Kyrie in my ear on the sideline, telling me over and over again to ‘go at’em’ – directing me to keep attacking them.

“The game was very exciting, but also very intense – not only because of the outstanding talents that I was playing against, but immense heat that Barcelona had to offer. Coming from the UK I’m not used to playing under those conditions, so that was a challenge in itself!”



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