After his gruesome leg break during a USA basketball scrimmage this summer, most wrote of Paul George’s chances of playing at all this season. But he’s not so sure…

The 24-year-old wing thinks there’s a chance he could re-join the Pacers on the court in the postseason.

“It’s very possible that I can play,” he says. “I’ve talked to all the guys and said, ‘Man, you guys have to get in the playoffs. That’s the best chance I’ve got of coming back and playing this year.’

“I’ve already got it in mind that I could miss this whole year. I’ve come to peace with that, but I’d love to be able to come back and play again.

“Everything happens for a reason. It gave me a chance to be in the weight room and spend some time there. I’ve got to use this as a blessing. It’s tough to say you got hurt for a reason, but I honestly think I did. Now everything is starting to come back for me. I’m feeling great. I’ve been cleared to be in the weight room and work out. That’s been keeping me positive and sane.”

(Image: Nike)

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