The National Basketball Heritage Archive and Studies Centre has been opened at the University of Worcester.

The project showcases the valuable, unique, exciting and inspiring collection of rare archive material and sporting memorabilia held in the university’s newly expanded collection.

The earliest Basketball Heritage Collection was deposited at the University of Worcester in 2015 by John Atkinson and supplemented by additional material from Jenny Collins, two respected British Basketball historians, taking in the archive compiled by the late journalist Syd Lipski.

“I hope it’s the beginning of unifying groups in basketball for the sake of players from the past and players from the present, to put a context into basketball in the UK which is long overdue,” said statistical guri Atkinson.

“I’m hopeful that everybody here will pass positive vibes to the whole of the rest of the basketball community and we will go forward and develop things for the future betterment of the sport.”

It will be stored at The Hive in Worcester, Europe’s first joint university and public library but will also be accessible via an online portal.

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