Raheem May-Thompson is going all out this season to prove his worth to the Cheshire Phoenix.

Re-signing him was one of the first off-season moves made by new head coach Ben Thomas, after he averaged 13 points and 6 rebounds for the side last season. Despite a disappointing season last year and a roster overhaul prior to the start of the season, Jordan Rowe sat down with Raheem to discuss his role as a consistent and contributing factor for the Phoenix moving forward.

Who would you say is the biggest influence on your game and why?
I’d say my dad is my biggest influence nice as he played professional basketball and I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps doing the same.

Any pre game rituals or handshakes that you and your teammates use to prepare?
Haha no handshakes yet but it’s still early and some could be pending. In terms of pre-game rituals I don’t have any either.

What’s your best memory of your BBL career to date?
Ahh I have a few. Last year was a bit stressful at times with the amount of games we were losing but winning up at Glasgow on TV was a great experience as well as being part of the Riders two seasons ago winning the league and the trophy.

You were one of only a handful of players remaining on the roster from last season, has the adjustment to so many new teammates been difficult? How have all of you made sure this didn’t inhibit your goals for this upcoming season?
No not at all. With how much our team changed last year I certainly am used to new faces. This time I imagine we’ll be more together than last year’s team already. I always played on so many teams growing up to the point so I’m used to gelling with new players. With the personalities we have on the team everyone is getting along great too. We’ve been together a few weeks and while I’d always wish it was longer we’ve got a whole season to go through and we’ll only continue to get tighter as a unit.

How do you want your teammates to remember you?
I’d say as a team player. Someone’s who is easy to play with on the court and that will get them open and reward them for working hard.
What area of you game do you want to improve most as we head into the new season?
I always think I should be doing more. No matter what happens I know there’s always a few things that I could’ve done better while playing. I think I’m pretty critical of myself after every performance. More specifically though I think I can shoot the ball better this year than I did last year.

What aspect of the game comes easiest to you?
I’d just say bringing energy and hustling. I’m pretty athletic so I let that energy go and make sure I’m usually giving more effort than whoever we’re playing.

Has the team set goals for this season? How do you expect to fulfil them?
Yeah we have a few team goals the main one being to make a playoff spot and hopefully make a deep run in the cup/trophy. We expect to do this by just winning games early and trying to gain momentum. Last year we had too many early losses in the season and really shot ourselves in the foot as we made a push at the end of the season but it was just too little too late.

Pic: RMT

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