Basketball England chair Clare Wardle has insisted that she had the right to block a no-confidence motion in her regime.

The Coca Cola executive says outside legal counsel was sought over the move, instigated by a group of rebel clubs, to remove her and install a replacement at the governing body’s Annual General Meeting on September 1.

As MVP previously reported, the basis was that there were insufficient signatures attached to fulfil the requirements needed for such a proposition.

“BE sought independent legal advice to assess the merits and legitimacy of this,” Wardle said. “Our solicitors informed us that there were insufficient signatures of voting members on the document as per requirements set out in the Companies Act 2006.

“As a result, we will not are not including the proposed resolution as an item at our AGM. The Chair has discussed the proposal with the regional chairs and board members – all of whom confirmed their unanimous support for her at the meetings held on Friday, August 3 2018 and Monday, August 6 2018 respectively.

“We have communicated this information to those involved in the petition and duly offered to meet them in person to address their apparent concerns.”

Wardle has, however, admitted that Basketball England does owe money to the British Basketball Federation, a trait that legitimises claims that the takeover of the body by the home nations was in contravention of the BBF’s articles of association that suggested voting powers were effectively inactive in the event where a financial default existed.

But this was a necessity, she insisted, due to changes in Sport England investment which means that BE has yet receive all of the funding it has been allocated.

“Basketball England transferred £75,000 in advance of receiving either the formal offer letter/award agreement or the monies themselves,” she said. “At that time, we also confirmed that as soon as we receive the remainder of the monies, we will transfer the remaining balance of £75,000. This commitment still stands and we are anticipating receiving additional resources in order to be able to do so before Friday 24th August 2018.

“The inference that BE failed to draw down monies is incorrect as is the suggestion that we are withholding the grant. As highlighted above, but reiterated here for clarity, the situation remains that as soon as we receive the grant, the remainder of our (£75,000) financial commitment to the BBF will be paid.

“Finally, the reports that Basketball England has failed to draw funds from UK Sport are incorrect; Basketball England does not have a funding relationship with UK Sport and there was never a requirement for BE to apply to UK Sport for funds.”

Meanwhile the BBF has confirmed that former referee and financial investigator Eddie McKinley, BBL chair Rodney Walker, and athletics coach and commentator Toni Minichiello have been appointed to the board of British Basketball Federation.

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