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The new NBA season tips off early on Wednesday  when the  the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. Can anyone stop the Golden State Warriors from picking up their third consecutive title?

This question is very important when creating a team for the Fantasy NBA 2018/2019 from Zweeler. For this game you need to pick eight NBA teams with a budget of 158 million.

The Golden State Warriors (35m) are the most expensive, followed by Houston Rockets (30.5m.), Boston Celtics (29.8m) and Philadelphia 76ers (26.6m). Atlanta Hawks (8m), Phoenix Suns (8.5 m) and Sacramento Kings (9.1) are the teams of which we expect the least this season.

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For the Fantasy NBA 2018-19, your team can pick up points during each game of the regular season and also in the playoffs . You get 2 points per win and 0 points when you lose. When a game gets into overtime, the losing team will still get 1 point. When a team reaches the playoffs, that team will get 10 points for reaching the first round. When reaching the Conference semis, your team, will pick up another 10 points.

The prize pool is now over £1200 and the winner will receive over £250. Besides this, we also have a few prizes for the best sub leagues. One team will only cost around £5o for the full NBA season!

FREE GAME: The prizes will be paid out as bonus credits on your Zweeler account. This bonus cannot be withdrawn or paid out but they must be used for playing games. When you win a prize after using these bonus credits, it can, of course, be withdrawn or paid out.

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Your teams can acquire points in different ways.

A team can get 100 points for winning a game and 10 points for a loss after overtime. In addition there are multiple statistics which can earn you extra points or negative points. Like the number of points scored, assists, blocks, rebounds, steals, field goal percentage, free throw percentage and 3-point percentage. Negative points can be earned with personal fouls and turnovers.

Add some extra fun to your NBA season by playing Fantasy NBA.

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