Chema Buceta says reaching the last four of EuroBasket can’t paper over the cracks in the sport.

The Great Britain women’s coach, in a lengthy Facebook post, has insisted that standards must be raised across the organisation of British basketball to capitalise on the unprecedented situation.

But the Spaniard, known to have been unhappy at some of the behind-the-scenes politicking ahead of last month’s odyssey in Latvia and Serbia, has underlined that his team’s historic run does not reflect the reality of basketball in the UK.

He said: “Many things have to be improved in terms of organisation, mentality, coaching and dedication to move and stay up. There is not reason why British basketball can’t be among the best basketball countries in Europe (in fact, there is a great potential to do it), but to achieve that, will, thinking big, proper resources, appropriate action and long-term commitment are a must.

“Elite sport is very dynamic, and soon after a battle there are new challenges. Top players and teams move quickly from challenge to challenge, and this is our case now. The most important one for the coming season, gained at Eurobasket, is the Pre-Olympic tournament, and eventually, if we are able to qualify, the Olympic Games; but we also have to face the new campaign for next Eurobasket, since the first games, against Poland and Belarus, will take place next November. These games will be important for two reasons: One, the own qualification for next Eurobasket:

“Two: the preparation for the Pre-Olympic tournament, since, due to the calendar (Pre-Olympic will be in February, in the middle of the club season), we will not have specific preparation games, and so, these games against Poland and Belarus will be the only ones to get ready for Pre-Olympic. The fourth place at the Eurobasket has been a milestone, but now is time to look ahead and keep being ambitious to face the next challenges with the aim of achieving higher goals.”


Image: Mansoor Ahmed

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