L The FIBA World Cup quarter-final line-up is set.

Tuesday: Argentina v Serbia, Spain v Poland. Weds: USA v France, Australia v Czech Republic.

Olympic qualifiers so far: Japan, Australia, Nigeria, Argentina, USA, Iran.

The Top two European finishers will also go straight to Tokyo.

The FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament picture began to take shape with the World Cup producing the first 13 teams for next summer’s qualification battles.

Second Round participants Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, as well as the best teams from the Classification Round 17-32, Germany, New Zealand, Tunisia, Canada and Turkey kept their Olympic dreams alive with tickets to next summer’s FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.

Final standings for teams placed 9-32 in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019:

9. Lithuania (FIBA OQT)
10. Italy (FIBA OQT)
11. Greece (FIBA OQT)
12. Russia (FIBA OQT)
13. Brazil (FIBA OQT)
14. Venezuela (FIBA OQT)
15. Puerto Rico (FIBA OQT)
16. Dominican Republic (FIBA OQT)
17. Nigeria (Qualified directly to Olympics as best African team in World Cup)
18. Germany (FIBA OQT)
19. New Zealand (FIBA OQT)
20. Tunisia( FIBA OQT)
21. Canada (FIBA OQT)
22. Turkey (FIBA OQT)
23. Iran (Qualified directly to Olympics as best Asian team in World Cup)
24. China
25. Montenegro
26. Korea
27. Angola
28. Jordan
29. Cote d’Ivoire
30. Senegal
31. Japan (Qualified directly to Olympics as hosts)
32. Philippines


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