The expansion of gym space could decimate grassroots indoor sport.

That is the stark warning from Basketball Scotland chief executive Kevin Pringle as he confirmed the shuttering of its National Leagues.

A number of sports have raised concerns over the corralling of sports courts throughout the UK, in order to provide more space for gyms and fitness centres to operate under social distancing rules.

And Pringle said: “You have the worry about what access we’ll get to facilities, when they’ll all re-open and what the cost will be.

“Because right across the UK, we’ve seen sports halls converted to gyms because that’s where revenue comes. It’s lucrative and you understand that, but it’s going to leave a lot of sports taking a major hit.”

Scottish basketball is facing an extended lockout after its season was placed on ice.

Glasgow Rocks have rallied publically with Scottish Government protocols leaving the sport barred from holding games or practices due to coronavirus measures.

That’s going to hurt the grassroots as well, Pringle admitted.

“The season is on hold because there just can’t be a National League as things stand.

“If there is some easing in the New Year, we could look to do some kind of competition. But our main priority now is supporting our clubs and that’s where we think more government support is needed.”

Not only are the Rocks in a bind but WBBL outfit Caledonia Pride are also facing a shutout with only minimal indoor skills practicing permitted and little immediate chance of hosting games.

Pringle added: “We’ve been pushing for indoor sport to be allowed but it’s not happened which is terrible for the likes of Glasgow Rocks and Caledonia Pride. Anyone taking part in cross-border competitions is a very tough position but it’s not accounted for in the regulations.

“So it’s crisis mode. And it’s very concerning at grassroots level too because you are looking at indoor sports with a significant period without any real activity.”

Basketball England remain in talks with the UK Government with all but the top tier of its NBL Leagues no longer allowed under English regulations that prohibit gatherings of more than six adults.

The governing body said: “We have opened dialogue with the Government to discuss the negative impact of their latest Covid-19 rules on basketball and ascertain if adjustments can be made in a number of areas.”

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