Krumesh Patel has earned a three-year contract extension as head coach of Sweden’s Wetterbygden Sparks.

Not only that but, following his first season in charge, the former Leicester Riders’ WBBL boss’ role is being extended to oversee the whole developmental pyramid of the club.

His record?

5-13, in ninth place. But it validates his decision to head overseas to extend his experience and utilise his knowledge from the Riders and Charnwood College to the full in a country where there is a long-term game at play along side any immediate results.

Their GM, Thomas Ekstrom said: “He has taken several of our young women’s players this season to a whole new level in their development, so we look forward with great interest to what Krumesh will be able to achieve with our players seen in a longer term perspective.”

As Patel outlined when he was a guest on the MVP Cast, he has ambitions to reach the top of his profession via a route that probably outgrew the WBBL. Upwards and onwards, he said.

“The plan for Sparks in the coming years is set out: Next season, I aim for us to move the positions forward. To finish somewhere in places 5-6 in the SBL women’s league is the goal. And then we’ll go into the top four.

“I’m used to being in a team that belongs at the top and that’s where we’re going with Sparks in the long run.”

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