Phoenix Suns have to bear with Chris Paul’s injury as they face Los Angeles Lakers in NBA playoffs

Phoenix Suns are still to come to terms with the news of Chris Paul’s injury that he sustained during Game 1 109-102 win over Los Angeles Lakers. The 16-year veteran exited the game briefly in the second quarter after a scary moment where he fell to the ground holding his right shoulder. He would later return to the field after a locker room examination which stated that he had a right shoulder contusion.

Paul looked to be experiencing some discomforts in the 36 minutes of action. However, he still achieved big plays for the Suns and ended up with seven points, four rebounds, and eight assists.

Paul was interviewed by journalists at the end of the game and said; “I was going up and all that I can remember is hearing some crack or whatever. But I will be alright”

The statement was echoed by his head coach Monty Williams who told reporters, “I talked to Chris just now, and he says he is OK and will be OK going forward. He was sore coming back and him playing today gave us a lot of juice and energy. It was very inspirational to watch him out there as he gave his all on both ends of the floor”.

Game 2

Paul didn’t play like the real CP3 after injuring his right shoulder during Game 1. He was on the field for just 23 minutes in Game 2, where he scored six points, got three rebounds, five assists, and three turnovers.

The usual precision and zip were lacking during Game 2, and his movements were not as sharp and direct. Paul did not put any effort to pull his trademark elbow jumper after snaking the pick-and-roll during this game. Paul also lost the ball’s control several times against some minimal defensive pressure.

Suns coach Monty Williams said; “It is obvious that Chris Paul is not able to make the passes he wants. He was trying too hard and laboring tonight and I don’t want to get into details much until I talk to Paul about it. But you could see that his arm was hurt and he was not running or dribbling like him this morning”

The Phoenix Suns described his injury as a right shoulder contusion. However, Game 2 injury report did not have Paul’s name. Williams was forced to pull him out, and backup guard Cameron Payne came in handy during the fourth quarter. Within the 33 minutes of play, Payne posted 19 points and seven assists. However, Phoenix was outscored by the Lakers 23-16 during the final seven-minute stretch.

Is the Phoenix Suns’ fate sealed after the Game 2 loss to the Lakers and Chris Paul’s injury?

Going by Bookmaker Review, basketball is one of the major sports offered by various sportsbooks, and Chris Paul’s injury will impact the odds of the two teams by big margins.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dennis Schroder, and Andre Drummond were the stars during this win for the Lakers. Schroder earned his first career playoff win after hitting 24 points.

The biggest concern for the Suns at the moment is having Chris at 100% rather than their opponents, the Lakers. In the 2020-21 season, Paul Chris averaged at 16.4 points, 8.9 assists, and 4.5 rebounds. Sports commentators are already speculating that LeBron could be ‘lucky’ due to Paul’s injury.

The next stop for the Lakers and the Suns is the Staples Center for Games 3 and 4. Staples Center is foreign territory for members of both teams.

If Paul’s injury will impact the outcome of the remaining two games is something we can just wait and see because anything can happen on the field.


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