Basketball is one of the most exciting and best-followed sports in the world today, and that popularity continues to build.

From the United States to Canada, England to Scotland and Australia to New Zealand, fans can’t get enough of the big matches and stars of the sport. They don’t come any bigger than the main attraction in basketball, the NBA. This competition boasts the best of the best. It has the most skilful players, the smartest coaches and the best live TV coverage. It’s no surprise the NBA draws crowds in the millions for every game night.

An NBA match is great to watch on television with daring three-pointers, crunching tackles, and showreel worthy slam dunks. Many armchair fans love to add extra spice to the occasion by making predictions on how games will play out and placing bets at the top online bookmakers.

If you wish to bet on NBA games, you’ll want to do it with the best online bookie. An app that allows you to gamble at the touch of a button on your Android or iOS device, getting big odds on your favourite players. Bet smart, and you could boost your balance while cheering on your favourite team. That’s a match made in heaven.

There’s no get rich quick strategy

Before gambling on NBA using your home computer or mobile app, there are a few things you need to know. The first and most crucial point is that there’s no guaranteed way to beat the bookies and no magic bet you can make that will see you pull in cash. If there was, the sports betting industry would vanish overnight, even if it were a well-guarded secret.

You can do things to improve your chances of winning, of course, but if you are looking for a get rich quick idea or a guaranteed profit on every game, then gambling isn’t for you. That mindset could land you in a lot of trouble as you spend your cash chasing that elusive winning strategy that doesn’t exist and has driven many to bankruptcy trying.

There may be no guaranteed way to beat the bookies betting on the NBA, but that’s not to say you can’t make a good profit from gambling on the sport. If you are serious about becoming a profitable bettor, you should know it doesn’t come easy. Beating the bookies takes up much of your time. You’ve got to do many hours of research on every fixture, check which betting app has the best odds, decide the market you want to gamble on, calculate the right stake on the right bet then confirm your wager. After doing all that, you’ll still need a generous helping of luck to see your bet paid out as a winner.

How to boost your chances

Below are some of the tricks of the online gambling trade you should be aware of and keep in mind when making your NBA bets. These hints and tips won’t secure you a profit every time you bet, but they will help even up the balance of play between bettor and bookie.

Get a free bet

The leading bookies offer new customers a welcome bonus when they register an account and place their first gamble on NBA. In most cases, this is a deposit matched free bet, which means you’ll land a free sports bet that is equal in value to your first deposit and bet.

Bet at market best price

Anything less is simply giving the bookie free cash. You should insist on getting the biggest odds available in the online gambling market on every wager you make. The quickest way to do this is to check any respected betting odds comparison site for your desired bet and check to see which bookie has the most generous odds. Then bet with that app.

Don’t rush in

It’s no longer necessary to gamble on an NBA match before the start of the game. You can bide your time and wager when the match is underway, thanks to in-play gambling. Many of the pre-match markets remain live and available to bet on throughout the contest, with the odds updated to reflect the score and flow of play. Watch the action closely, spot a trend or bet worth having, then get your stake down with the click of a button.


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