Plymouth City Patriots bosses are “confident” about moving into a new venue for next season.

The British Basketball League newcomers, a replacement for the now-defunct Raiders last summer, were formed with barely a month’s notice and secured a deal to stage their games at with The Pavilions.

But Carl Heslop, formerly a Raiders sponsor who put together a rescue package, admits the long-standing home of the BBL in Plymouth remains an unviable option.

And he has revealed two alternative buildings are under consideration to be converted into a fresh arena for the Patriots if “technical issues” can be resolved.

“The reality is, and the reason why we have commercial issues with the club, is that we cannot afford the venue that we are performing in,” Heslop told The BBL Show podcast.

“We need to have the food and beverage revenue, we need to have a cheaper rent. We are currently renting a house that we cannot afford. And that is the reality

“Pavilions know that. We know that. We committed to one season. Because that was what we needed to do to keep the club going. We have two possible options that we’re looking at, at the moment. Both have issues that need to be resolved. And this issue hasn’t been resolved for a long time which proves it’s not an easy thing to resolve.

“But it is doable. Both venues could be converted, And we’re talking about am existing building that we are converting to a venue. Not a new purpose-built venue which is the long-term vision but that takes a long period of time. And we need something for the next few years.

“We’re further forward than we have ever been in the city in negotiations and talks and there’s a lot of things to be resolved. But hopefully we’ll have some good news over the next couple of months.”

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