After a dozen years and 3007 stories, MVP is saying goodbye.

Well, almost.

The podcast – the MVP Cast – will continue. So with that, there’ll still be Tweets and Posts via the MVP social media accounts.

But the website, which went live at the 2010 FIBA World Cup in Turkey, is to cease publication.

With regret. Once our print magazine died off in 2014, our team of six was reduced to two, then one – with support from some faithful and valued contributors.

Since inception, we’ve attempted to cover British basketball fairly and squarely, telling its best stories, highlighting issues and delivering insights which were independent and analytical as a critical friend of the sport.

We’ve been a presence at major tournaments for GB, at big BBL games and – after its inception – WBBL too.

Breaking news, or explaining its context.

We’ve not always got everything perfect, but we’ve moved swiftly to fill in gaps or to update and correct.

It’s been done with a genuine passion for the sport and an overriding desire to see UK hoops grow, prosper and receive the same journalistic attention as other sports receive.

But, with the BBL primed for what we are promised as a new exciting era, MVP takes its leave.

Why? Priorities, and costs.

And other opportunities beckon. More important personal commitments that take precedence. It has shown in fewer stories over the past year and now feels the right juncture to sub out.

A thanks to Jake Green for initially pushing the concept and to Greg Tanner, our fellow adventurer at the outset.

To Mansoor Ahmed, our photographic genius from start to end, and to Niall Gray and the other writers who graced our pages, whether in print or online.

And to those who generously gave us their time to share insights, interviews or encouragement.

And lastly, a thanks to you for reading. (but keep listening, please.)

Mark Woods

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